Tabitha Stoltzfus

Author Bio: TABITHA STOLTZFUS is married to her girlhood crush, Andy, and is mom to Gabe, Jasmine, Oscar, Ariel, and Jasper. She has fun cooking, and you can often find her in the kitchen making food for her family, trying something new with sourdough bread or making coffee for friends. She enjoys reading books during the long winters and spends as much of the summers as possible hiking, fishing, camping, or exploring. Her children are still young and it takes a lot of energy to include them, but they are making memories as a family and that is what is most important anyway. For more about off grid Alaskan homesteading, follow Tabitha and her family on IG @_alaskanhousewife or on her


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  • The Alaskan Housewife CookbookHome Cooking and Stories From the Last Frontier



    Looking for some new recipes to try? Tabitha shares her favorite recipes for breads, soups, main dishes, desserts, breakfasts and more all amid the beautiful Alaskan backdrop. Learn how to make delicious salmon recipes, or try the blueberry lemon scones if you’re having a friend over for coffee. Use the Quick and Easy section for […]

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