Pathway Readers

At Ridgeway Books, we are pleased to offer the Pathway Readers as a complete reading program for grades one through eight. Amish schools have successfully used the Pathway Readers since the 1970s to teach English reading. Many homeschool moms have also found the Pathway Readers to be an excellent resource for teaching English reading! The real-life stories in the Pathway Readers teach moral lessons that are sure to keep your students engaged with the stories while cultivating a love for reading. The complete reading program from Pathway Readers is available for grades 1 thru 8. Detailed below is the curriculum for grades 1 thru 4. Find out which readers are right for your homeschoolers by reading the grade descriptions below!

The Pathway Readers begin in Grade 1 with the Before We Read books. Before We Read curriculum is designed for pre-readers. This reading curriculum is ideal for 5-year-olds or beginning students who are embarking on the reading journey. Some parents find it helpful to start with the Before We Read books before first grade. We recommend the purchase of the teacher’s edition of the Before We Read curriculum to guide you to success in laying a good foundation for reading. Continue Grade 1 with the First Steps Reader and Workbook. The First Steps Pathway Reader continues to build on what the student has already learned. Your student will begin to build reading independence and confidence with the simple real-to-life stories. Next in Grade 1 comes the Days Go By Reader and Workbook followed by the More Days Go By Reader and Workbook. These readers will cultivate a love of reading and by the end of first grade, many students are looking forward to Grade 2.

The Pathways Readers for the second grade are comprised of three readers and their workbooks. As your student continues the Pathway Readers Program, you will likely see their love of reading and comprehension deepen. The second grade starts with the Busy Times Reader and Workbook. Next in line for second-grade reading is the More Busy Times Reader and Workbook. The Climbing Higher textbook and workbook wrap up the second-grade curriculum. Teacher’s editions are available for each of the second-grade Pathway Readers. Again, we highly recommend the purchase of the teacher’s books because they provide valuable insight into teaching the curriculum, and answers for the workbooks.

In the third grade, two readers and workbooks are available. Students in the third grade begin with the New Friends reader and workbook. The More New Friends reader and workbook are for the second half of the third grade. Both readers are available in a teacher’s edition. Get the teacher’s manual to reduce the burden of teaching and to make grading the student’s work easy. Many students are avid readers by the time they are through third grade.

The fourth-grade Pathway Reader is Building Our Lives. This reader contains 43 stories and is designed to maintain the student’s interest, and its companion workbook is designed to teach your child to work independently. Like all the Pathway Readers, there is a strong focus on teaching Christian virtues. The teacher’s edition contains the answer key to the workbook lessons. By the fourth grade, your child will likely be well on the way to cultivating a life-long passion for reading. By choosing Pathway Readers, you can influence your child’s reading appetite for wholesome literature that is God-honoring.

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